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    JBoss Cache 2.0 DR1 is available for preview

    Ben Wang Master

      Since 2.0 release has lots of changes to APIs, we have made 2.0 DR1 release available to preview and get some initial feedback. For those who are interested, you can download the cvs and build it yourself. Please be aware that not all of the unit tests have passed (http://cruisecontrol.jboss.com/cc/buildresults/jboss-cache-testsuite reports about 98.7% passing rate). Also documentation and tutorial still need to be updated. A full alpha release is planned to come out very soon.

      Couple of notable changes:

      1. There is now two new Cache (the generic cache) and PojoCache (for PojoCache obiously) APIs. We have separated the library as: jboss-cache.jar (core Cache) and pojocache.jar (pure PojoCache).

      2. PojoCache now uses Cache as the delagate for underlying state replication. So to run PojoCache, you will need both jboss-cache.jar and pojocache.jar libraries.

      3. Cache still uses the same config xml. But PojoCache has a new pojocache-aop.xml (kind of corresponding to jboss-aop.xml) in the previous release but it has confgiuration for PojoCache interceptors now.

      4. Packaging (if you do "build.sh dist" from cvs) now consists of: jboss-cache-core.zip (for core Cache library), jboss-cache-pojo.zip (core plus PojoCache

      5. The new APIs can be seen from unit tests under tests/functional/org/jboss/cache/api (for core Cache) and tests-50/functional/org/jboss/cache/pojo (for PojoCache).