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    OutOfMemory errors using jgroup

    spanuganti Newbie

      I am using jgroups in a clustered application for distributed caching of frequently used objects. The application is deployed on JBoss, websphere and weblogic. I have noticed that the system occassionally runs out of memory and has full gc's after running for a couple of days. On the websphere cluster deployment I inspected the heap dumps generated. These dumps show that there are about 200,000 objects in org/groups/util/Queue$Element holding up about 1GB memory. It seems that jgroups are holding on to these objects and are not getting gc'ed.

      Does anybody know if this is a known issue?
      I suspect there is some message that is being sent repeatedly. Can we limit the number of retries with a configuration setting?

      I am running this on
      websphere ND ( on Redhat Linux )
      IBM jdk 1.4.2.
      min and max memory setting in the app server is 256m and 1536m

      jgroup config properties


      Any help appreciated.