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    Buddy Replication

    Fredrik Johansson Newbie

      I am currently developing a system using the regular treecache. In the cache we store stateful objects. The nodes in the system all have a designated set of objects that the manipulate. In essence, the cache is mostly for fail-over reasons. Therefore I find that using buddy replication together with data gravitation proves to be a very good match (we are using 1.4).

      However, I would like to add a new type of node to the system, this node has a monitor-like role and needs to get periodical snapshots of all objects (and their state) in the cache. The monitor node will only perform read operations towards the cache.

      Now, my question is if anyone has any suggestion of the best way to set this up... Is it possible to 'mix' cache configurations so that the monitor node will not use buddy replication but rather get the complete cache or would this be a completely backward solution?

      Any input is welcome!

      / Fredrik Johansson