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    PojoCache 2.0 (replicate method execution)

    Maxime Leur Newbie


      I use PojoCache 2.0 (get on CVS) and JBoss AOP 1.5.2.
      I works great and better than pojocache 1.4.
      But I need help.

      In fact, I want to replicate method execution of an Object stored in the cache.

      My Object named TimerSessionValidity has a method named public void pingSession().

      The behavior is :
      - When I execute this method of an server, I want pojocache to replicate the execution to all others cache.

      It is possible ???

      To do this I put these lines into pojocache-aop.xml

      <!-- Timer Session -->

      new org.jboss.cache.pojo.observable.SubjectImpl(this)

      And I execute aopc with Ant, it generates a class named TimerSessionValidity$pingSession_N3761175341164052267.class

      But It didn't work, the TimerSessionValidity Object is replicated but when I call pingSession() it never replicate the method execution to others caches....

      Thanks for any help.


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          Maxime Leur Newbie

          The code in pojocache-aop.xml is :

          <prepare expr="execution(public void com.gltrade.manager.sessionmanager.TimerSessionValidity->pingSession() )" />
           <introduction class="com.gltrade.manager.sessionmanager.TimerSessionValidity">
           <construction>new org.jboss.cache.pojo.observable.SubjectImpl(this)</construction>

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            Ben Wang Master

            What you need is a remote method call instead of simple replication. And this feature is not directly related to PojoCache if I am reading your post correctly. Instead, to do RPC, you can do like:

            CacheSPI s = (CacheSPI)pojoCache.getCache();
            RPCManager m = s.getRPCManager();

            to see how exactly to invoke the callRemoteMethods, you can look into TreeCache implementation.

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              Maxime Leur Newbie


              Thanks for your reply...

              But I didn't succeed to do RPC. I execute the code above

              PojoCache cache = PojoCacheFactory.createInstance("cache-config.xml");
               CacheSPI cacheSPI = (CacheSPI)cache.getCache();
               RPCManager rpcManager = cacheSPI.getRPCManager();
               TimerSessionValidity timer = new TimerSessionValidity("maxime","id");
               Method method = timer.getClass().getMethod("pingSession2",new Class[]{String.class});
               cache.attach("timer", timer);
               timer = (TimerSessionValidity)cache.find("timer");
               MethodCall methodCall = MethodCallFactory.create(method,"maxime");
               System.out.println("callRemoteMethods "+methodCall.getMethodId());
               rpcManager.callRemoteMethods(cacheSPI.getMembers(), methodCall,1,false,(long) 1000);

              And I get an Exception :
              java.lang.RuntimeException: failure to marshal argument(s)
              at org.jgroups.blocks.RpcDispatcher.callRemoteMethods(RpcDispatcher.java:174)

              I look at the pojocache & treecache code, and I see that MethodCallFactory call a class named MethodDeclarations which contains all methods names.

              How Can I put my method name in this classes ??
              Or I am not on the good way.. and can you help me please..


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                Ben Wang Master

                Oops! Sorry, RPCManager doesn't do what you need to do. As a matter of fact, with JGroups 2.3 multiplexer, you could have created a multiplexer stack and create your own RPCManager and then have both RPCManager and Cache to share the same channel. However, this process is not straightforward for standalone. I will raise an issue to discuss.

                Meanwhile, if don't mind to use separate channel, you can look into org.jboss.cache.rpc.RPCTreeCache. Basically, you can create a separate RPCTreeCache instance (a la TreeCache 1.4 style) and execute your RPC calls there.

                Keep in mind the class is deprecated though.

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                  Maxime Leur Newbie


                  Thanks for your response, I tries to create a new RpcTreeCache and call my method... but it doesn't work again with the same exception.

                  XmlConfigurationParser parser = new XmlConfigurationParser();
                   Configuration conf = parser.parseFile( "cache-config.xml" );
                   TimerSessionValidity timer = new TimerSessionValidity("maxime","id");
                   RpcTreeCache rpcCache = new RpcTreeCache();
                   Method method = timer.getClass().getMethod("pingSession2",new Class[]{String.class});
                   rpcCache.registerRPCHandler("timer", timer);
                   rpcCache.callRemoteMethods("timer",rpcCache.getMembers(), method,new Object[]{ "maxime"}, false, false, (long) 1000);

                  Could you give a simple code example of RPC calls ???
                  Because I am lost.

                  Many Thanks

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                    Ben Wang Master

                    Looks like there is no easy way of doing RPC on top of JBC since 1.4. This is the relevant discussion thread there: