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    How do I programmatically get/put data from a cluster of sta

    Thor Denmark Newbie

      Hey all --

      I'm very new to JBoss Cache, but am excited by what I've read so far. We're interested in running a number of cache instances as a cluster of lightweight standalone cache JVM's (ie: NOT deployed as an MBean within a JBoss AS).

      My question is, after I've started up a cluster of standalone cache instances, how can I programatically access the cache from client code in a separate JVM that isn't a member of the cluster?

      I haven't been able to find any sample code or API's which allow me to do this other than the typical creation of a new TreeCache, calling startService() which places me in the cluster and replicates all data to me (wasteful, no?), and then get()'ing data from my new TreeCache instance which I would want to throw away immediately.