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    Using a substitute RPCManager

    Itamar Rogel Newbie

      My usage scenario requires using a non-JGroups transport (for replication, state transfer, etc).
      After taking a quick look at v1.4.0, it seemed that making the changes there would be quite intrusive to JBossCaches's code - something that of course I would like to avoid.
      I've seen forum posts about some refactoring going around that area in the code. Indeed, after checking out the latest v2.0 from CVS HEAD, it seems simpler to implement what I need there - as far as I can tell from a quick look, all I need to do is implement a substitute for RPCManager.
      However... RPCManager is not an interface; it's a class, its only constructor is private, and the surrounding mechanism seems to be built so as to forbid external users from meddling with a cache instance's RPCManager.
      So, my questions are: How should I implement my custom transport? Am I wrong my above assessment, and should look elsewhere to implement my functionality? If I'm not wrong, would you consider modifying the API to allow for such usage scenarios?

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