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    LRU Eviction policy question

    Darshan Bildikar Newbie

      Hello All,

      I'm new to JBoss cache and sorry if this question has already been asked before. I tried to find answers on the list with no success.

      My problem is like this:-

      I want to configure my cache such that

      1) It contains no more than 10K objects at any given time
      2) An object remains in the cache (either in memory / PERSISTENT store) for MAX 200 seconds. It must be automatically REMOVED from the cache after 200 seconds lapse.

      I am using an LRU eviction policy with a File cache loader. I have the following question.

      My region configuration looks like this


      I assume that this means "Evict my object to persistent store if maxNodes > 10000 OR maxAgeSeconds > 200"

      What I however want is: After 10000 entries any new entry it is serialized to the persistent store. However, after 200 seconds (irrespective of whether it's in the persistent store or in memory) it needs to be REMOVED from the cache. Is there a configuration that will help me do this?

      I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. Appreciate any pointers.