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    TreeCache 2.0 [CVS] - Bug in optimistic locking mode?

    Itamar Rogel Newbie

      I'm talking about the regular Cache (TreeCache), not PojoCache.

      It seems that if I try to use the Node interface directly (after getting some sub-node from the Cache interface), in optimistic locking mode, a simple node.put(k, v) will not make a subsequent node.get(k) return v.

      However, if I work against the Cache interface directly, it seems to work fine.

      1) What do you say? Is this true, or am I missing something?
      2) Can I at least rely on node additions (e.g. addChild()) to reflect immediately?
      3) If I want to iterate on the node contents (presumably using Node.getData() ) - and make sure the recent changes are reflected - how can I accomplish that? The Cache interface does not offer me an alternative for that...