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    TreeCache: Retrieveing multiple entries under a node

    Arvinder Singh Novice

      JBoss Cache Version: 1.4.1.G.A

      Assuming I store entries such as:

      treecache.put("/a/b/c", "1", new Object("1"));
      treecache.put("/a/b/c", "2", new Object("2"));
      treecache.put("/a/b/c", "3", new Object("3"));

      This means I have 3 entries under /a/b/c. If this is
      correct, Is this the correct way to retrieve all the
      entries ?

      Node node = treecache.get("/a/b/c");
      Map children = node.getChildren();

      The javadoc states:

      "Returns an unmodifiable map, mapping keys to child nodes." for the getChildren method.

      So does this map contain key value pairs of the entries?

      Sorry for lame question :-|