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    is it possible by using JBoss Cache accessing a value from s

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      i have JBossAS & JBossCache


      i have to access an object from several JBoss AS(in a cluster) for every 5 minutes.i have gone through all jboss cache docs.should i use
      ReplicationQueue for this...if yes how can i use ReplicationQueue for this requirement.I knew two methodes, ReplicationQueue interval and ReplicationQueue size are
      two methodes availabe in TreeCache class.Here size doesn't matter.Here i would like to use JBossCache in synchronization mode and it should synchronize
      all machines for every minutes(instead of queue size).
      It would be great to know following things are possible or not by using JBossCache
      1.Can i use different TreeCache instances in a single machine at same time
      2.Can i replicate all instances for every 5 minutes(in a cluster) all should be done at same time(i.e should be synchronized) and here ReplicationQueue size doesn't matter
      Please let me know, is it possible or not by using JBoss Cache.
      Thanks alot for your time.