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    Remote Call to Pojo Cache

    Annette Scherer Newbie

      I have to carry out a stress test on JBoss PojoCache, which runs on a server. The required architecture is:

      One or more clients call JBoss Cache on a remote Server. No JBoss Cache runs on the client machines.

      How can I do it. The examples, shipped with JBossCache only work with local references.

      It would be a great help to have a code snippet and an extract of the service.xml for a standalone cache.


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          Manik Surtani Master

          JBoss Cache is designed to be a peer-to-peer library where every user of the cache is a member of the cluster. Not a client-server type architecture.

          That said, it can very easily be made into a client server architecture. A server could run JBoss Cache and use a CacheWrapper to expose the cache as a server.

          You could implement the CacheWrapper in RMI, an EJB, CORBA, a Web Service, etc etc. Depends on how you'd like your clients to connect to the cache.