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    Annotations not found, where are they?


      1.4.1 SP1, Windows JDK 1.5

      I am following the manual, section 7.2.2, that specifies:

      "... @org.jboss.cache.aop.annotation.PojoCacheable and @org.jboss.cache.aop.annotation.InstanceOfPojoCacheable."

      Also I am looking at the packaged example:

      public class Person {

      When I use it in my code it fails. Class not found. I examined both JavaDocs and the library archive, jboss-cache.jar. Both have only the following annotation classes:
      "NonTransient, Serializable, Transient"

      There is no sign of the bean annotations. These appear to be field annotations. So my question is where are they? Should I be using these or another method? I would prefer to avoid having to run preprocessors of any sort. Should I use the XML config file?

      Using JDK 1.5 what is the least painful method of instrumenting beans that works?


      P.S.: Seems I am missing something obvious and I searched forums and site, but just don't see the answer.