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    Network failure with a pair of symetrical stack TCP

    Legargeant Gael Newbie


      I use a jboss cache (TreeCache 1.4.0-SP1-jdk50) in order to share some result between two servers A(gtar1) and B(paplx2).

      My configuration is the same that described in that page :

      my problem is during a network failure. The two node detect that there are alone. But when the network go up, the members never change so the two server are still alone.

      in order to simulate the network failure, I use this commande :
      iptables -A INPUT -s gtar1 -p tcp -j DROP ; iptables -A OUTPUT -d gtar1 -p tcp -j DROP ; iptables --list

      here is the trace of org.jgroups and org.jboss, the network was up at 11:34:20 :
      Server A:
      Server B: