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    TreeCache problem killing nodes

    Piero Ottuzzi Newbie

      Hi there,

      I have a 32 nodes Weblogic cluster divided into 4 differente machines: I use TreeCache as distributed cache but, for unknown network reasons, every node can see only nodes on the same machine; from a point of view you can see it as 4 different caches with 8 nodes each.
      A morning I saw strange logs (well I saw no logs) on nodes of a machine: only the nodes on a machine were silent, the other 24 were working regularly.
      As windows teach: don't worry.. simply restart the malfunctioning nodes ;)
      Well... the nodes did not came up: they were all stuck during the deploy of the webApp that uses TreeCache.
      The only repetitive log from each node was:

      2007-03-08 10:22:17,890 WARN - join( sent to timed out, retrying

      I shutdown (well... killed as they were waiting for the webapp to complete the deploy) all nodes and switched the TreeCache to LOCAL (the distributed cache is a plus not a must ;)) to let them restart.

      Is it a know JGroup problem?
      I'm using latest JBossCache 1.4.1SP2.

      Any hints would be appreciated.
      Many thanks