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    Questions regarding performance of read-only operations

    Haviv Rosh Newbie

      1)I was wondering why read operations - such as POJO aspectized getters and PojoCache.getObject method - have to be so slow ...
      After reviewing the code - it seems that even for Read Only operations there is a Method call to get the data via the JChannel:

       public Node get(Fqn fqn) throws CacheException
       MethodCall m = MethodCallFactory.create(MethodDeclarations.getNodeMethodLocal, new Object[]{fqn});
       return (Node) invokeMethod(m);

      I was wondering what is the reason for doing that ?
      After all cache is read-mostly and read operations should as fast as regular direct method calls.

      2)Another question is - Are there any optimizations if the cluster member size is 0 ? (I didn't see any - although in the JGroups Distributed map examples there are)
      If there are no members on the channel why do so much work ?