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    jbosscache 1.4.0.SP1 treecache.xml and DeployedTreeCacheProv

    freak hagga Newbie

      There are very muddy docs on these things, don't point to the wiki its useless for this.

      I am confused about the integration of jboss-cache with hibernate and ejb3.

      I want to cache entity beans that are read-only, but if I try to setup the DeployedTreeCacheProvider I get:

      Unable to locate TreeCache MBean under object name [jboss.cache:service=HibernateTreeCache]

      Which is no suprise as the ejb3-entity-cache-service.xml defines it as EJB3EntityTreeCache, so why does it not find by that jndi name?

      Is there a property to set in ./deploy/ejb3.deployer/META-INF/persistence.properties for the jndi name or do I set that property in myApp.jar/META-INF/persistence.xml ?

      If I use the OptimisticTreeCacheProvider it fails with treecache.xml FileNotFoundException, so if I used this provider then where do I put treecache.xml under the jboss deploy folder?

      If I use TreeCacheProviderHook it sort of works, I get tons of these statements in the log:

      [OptimisticNodeInterceptor] Cannot Handle Method _put(GlobalTransaction::391, /com/myapp/model/DataBean#197250, item, CacheEntry(com.myapp.model.DataBean)[44,1136687,F], true, 0)

      So it looks like its failing on inserting an entity bean into the cache, right?

      The query caching seems to work, its generally faster overall, but I don't believe its actually caching any entity bean data ...

      Lets get this nailed down, the wiki and google are all over the place, we need the right steps for jboss-4.0.5.GA and jboss-cache 1.4.0.SP1 ...

      HowTo do ejb3 entity bean data caching in jboss ?