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    Regional classloaders and state transfer

    Fredrik Johansson Newbie

      We are currently using the 2.0 beta 2 release, and have some problem with the state transfer.

      We are using regional based classloaders with an example cache like:

      /a/ -> ClassLoader A
      /b/ -> ClassLoader B

      The startup sequence of the cache looks like:

      1. Create cache
      2. Register classloaders
      3. Start the cache

      Now, we startup Cache #1 and everything is working well. We add some ClassLoader A specific objects under /a/... and can read and write them correctly. Placing ClassLoader B specific objects under /b/... also works fine.

      Then we start Cache #2 using the same start sequence as above, but then we run into problems. Cache #1 has objects in it's cache so a state transfer is initialized. The regions have been initialized in Cache #2 with proper classloaders so that should be fine. However, the state transfer from Cache #1 is triggered on the root '/'.

      When Cache #2 gets the initial state transfer it goes a little like this:

      1. Do I have regional based classloaders? yes.
      2. Do I have a classloader defined for region '/'? no.
      3. Use default classloader.
      4. ClassNotFoundException

      The class not found is of course due to the fact that objects under /a/... will require ClassLoader A. The steps are of course my interpretation from stepping the code in a debugger, I might be wrong.

      Any feedback regarding this would be much appreciated, I am not really sure yet on how to solve the problem if the state transfer is for the whole cache with the root node as reference.