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    Object is not replicated after field update

    Adrian Aisemberg Newbie

      I'm testing PojoCache with a cluster, on a windows system.
      After configuring everything, my cluster members receive replications.
      When i update an object's field, the changes are not replicated.
      For example:

      SimpleObject obj = new SimpleObject();
       cache.putObject("/simpleObject", obj);
       obj.setNumber(2); //Should replicate here???

      SimpleObject cachedObj = (SimpleObject)get("/simpleObject");
       cachedObj.getNumber(); //returns 2 on my machine, but 1 on other machines.

      When accessing the object from cluster members, i get the value of 1 on the number field, when accessing the same object from the machine that made the change, i get the value of 2.
      So, replication does work, otherwise, i would get null when accessing the node from other cluster members.
      But why doesn't it replicate the changes?


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          Fredrik Johansson Newbie

          Did you find out what the problem was? I'm fiddling around with pojocache myself and got the same error when running the examples from the distribution.

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            Fredrik Johansson Newbie

            As a note I finally got it working by adding the arguments:

            -javaagent:lib/jboss-aop-jdk50.jar -Djboss.aop.path=src/conf/META-INF/pojocache-aop.xml

            and copying the pojocache-aop.xml from the distribution /resources.

            I must say, I do find the documentation for this rather... confusing. It is not as concise at it could be anyway.

            I have one question though, in the documentation it states that you can either precompile classes or runtime by using a special system classloader. But in section 7 it says:

            7.3.1. Ant target for running load-time instrumentation using specialized class loader

            In JDK5.0, you can use the javaagent option that does not require a separate Classloader. Here are the ant snippet from one-test-pojo, for example.

            So... if I use this, do I still subsitute the system classloader or not?