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    Better way to use multiple caches?

    Jorge Morales Master

      I`m using JBC 1.4.1.SP3 in my app. As the cache needs are very intensive and we have needs for different types of constraints on cache, and also every app we deploy is in need to have a customized cache, I`m wondering which is better in terms of performance and reliability.

      * To have one cache with multiple regions, each of which is configured with different eviction policies, different activation/inactivation times, etc...

      * To have one cache per web-app, which in terms of network traffic for replication can be more intensive.

      Either way we have constraints to have som caches persisted to database, some not. Any of them with different eviction policies per region. We are talking of about a cache with 200 different top-region or 200 different caches.

      Thank you for your help.