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    State transfer OOM

    Haviv Rosh Newbie

      I am using JBossCache-1.4.1.SP3 and I keep getting out of memory error
      when a new node is trying to join the cluster.
      I know that this issue has been taken care in jgroups 2.4 with the STREAMING_STATE_TRANSFER.
      My question is what are my alternatives if I am using 1.4.1 ?
      I have tried using JBossCache-2.0.0.CR1 but my performance tests showed
      the this version is 10 times slower then 1.4.1 and it uses much more memory(I can send the jprofiler snapshots if needed).


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          Manik Surtani Master

          Regarding your OOMs, apart from restricting how much state gets transferred (aggressive eviction + a cache loader) and perhaps a shared database cache loader for persistent state, all I can recommend is allocating more mem until you can use streaming state transfers.

          Regarding the performance of 2.0.0, in CR1 we just focused on features and not performance. with CR2 it will be more on stability of CR1 features, and after that we will be looking at performance. I expect 2.0.0 to be (marginally) slower than 1.4.1 when we go GA (1.4.1 is our fastest release to date).

          By the time 2.1.0 (much shorter cycle than the 1.4.x -> 2.0.0) comes around I hope to beat 1.4.1 in performance as well, since I have some internal architectural changes in 2.1.0 which will take advantage of and optimise for the 2.x APIs.