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    ejb 2.1 and jboss

    Nicolas Rodriguez Seara Newbie

      We're migrating a WL application to jboss.
      We are almost done now, but are having a really anoying bug we can't solve.
      We create a new object that's EJB persisted, we then check to see if everything about that object was set correctly on the database (it is), but later trying to retrieve the object returns the object with null on one of it's properties. (that's not null on the db). Restarting jboss solves the problem though, that's the weird thing. Seems like rebooting drops any "cache" or something and reads again the correct value from db.
      We previously had a similar issue with an EJB and it's ok assignation. Objects created wherent shown until reboot.
      Please help! migration is really stuck here!
      Thanks in advance