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    need help with scrollableDataTable

    Chris M Newbie

      hello richface users,
      i'm trying the following, but till now i had no success:

      i have a scrollabledatatable which contains a filed persID for each row.
      no i would like to send the persID to a bean, every time a user selects a row (onselectionchange?).

      additional i would like to make use of the rerender attribute and rerender an editing-mask, where the user is able to edit fields containing to the specified persID (these fields are not necessary shown in the scrollabledatatable, but this doesn't matter)
      now my question is how do i send the persID to my bean every time a users changes the selection?

      today i spent a lot of time getting this to work, but i had no luck..... googleing didn't show anything useful.

      i would be glad if anyone can help me.