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    Replication not working when updating an object in pojo cach

    Guillaume Drot Newbie


      I am working with two jboss in cluster, each has its pojo cache in cluster. Replication works fine when I put an object in the cache but when I update the object it doesn't work.

      After pojoCache.putObject(Fqn, myObject), the object is updated in the local cache but not in the other cache in the cluster.

      And there is something weird when I look into the cache with jmx console (printDetails). The objects are apparently locked (in both caches):

      __SERIALIZED__: [ Statut=DONE, requestId=4f52f2890a020e5d01d7e3809f0e083620070810-103009, fileLocation=D:\temp\R40\VBE1_080102-2000_070810-103013394.brd, errorCode=0, user=None ]
      _lock_: LOCK
      __jboss:internal:class__: class fr.company.common.asynchronous.FileTaskContext
      AOPInstance: org.jboss.cache.aop.AOPInstance@15ebb08

      I enabled the debug level in logs for cache and I saw something that could explain why the object is not updated in the other cache in cluster :

      [ReplicationInterceptor] responses=[LOCK]

      Does-it mean that the object is locked in the cache and cannot be updated ?

      Why the objects are sometimes marked as locked ?

      Am I missing something ?