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    Distributed cache update not working

    Chandri Krishnan Newbie

      I am having an issue with a prototype distributed cache that I am
      building with PojoCache. I am running PojoCache on two stand alone Java applications and using a standalone driver that communicates with these
      caches. Objects (each of size 10-12KB) are created, retrieved, updated and removed hundreds of times on the two caches based on commands received from the driver.

      I noticed that all objects inserted into one cache is always available from the other. But updates made in one cache is never seen in the other. I'm using a slightly modified form of pojocache-passivation-service.xml as the configuration file. I tried REPL_SYNC mode first, then INVALIDATION_SYNC mode with ClusteredCacheLoader, but the updates are never propagated. The objects I am storing the cache are Serializable, but don't have @Replicable. So, I manually do a cache.attach after updates.

      Any help will be appreciated.