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    Memory problem

    Tamas Barta Newbie


      I'll try to describe my problem. I have a web application running on JBoss AS 4.2.1.GA.
      So far everything was fine. Now the web application must be distributable (cluster environment). I use FileCacheLoader to store HTTP sessions. After a day the server
      runs out of memory.

      There is a very interesting thing. When I make a request a new session is created.
      After the session expires I stop the application server and JBoss saves the expired session to the file system!!! So the expired session still was in the memory? Why? What can I do?

      When I restart JBoss, no session will be in the memory (local cache) and 1 session will be
      on distributed cache. It is OK, after the session expires AGAIN JBoss deletes the session file and directory from the file system. It is OK, but then I stop JBoss and the files are on the same place again. :(

      Can somebody help me?
      Thanks, Tamas