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    no columnWidth in scrollabledatatable

    John McClain Newbie

      There is no columnWidth attribute for scrollable datatable like there is for datatable. And even if we know the max number of chars to be rendered in a given column, we cant use EM units to define the width - only px units are allowed. This seams like a mistake. Am I missing something? how can I insure that columns in a scrollabledatatable will render the largest content for that column as the columnWidth attribute does for datatable?

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          Rodrigo Souto Newbie

          I don't know the answer too.

          I'd like to use scrollabedatatable instead a datatable but I can't set the column width with %, it only accepts pixels. That means that your table can't change the width according to the user screen resolution.

          This is not the behavior that I want to my project, I'd like a table like gmail does.

          Am I correct, there is no way to keep every columns occupying 100% of the table width?