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    Some questions about JBC 1.4

    Jorge Morales Master

      I have some questions for which I can`t find an answer.

      1- If I configure a non_local JBC, with an Asynch JDBCCacheLoader, configured through a JBoss Datasource. Need this datasource be transactional, or can be local, due to the asynchronizity of the loading/passivation to the data store?

      2- When having a 2 node cluster JBC with a JDBCCacheLoader. Is there a way to make passivation of node changes not done in every change, but only on the event of stopping of the JBC service, and loading only on the event of starting of the service?

      3- If there is a way for previous question, how can I do this to only read if it is first member of the cluster, only passivate if it is last member of the cluster?
      I have read that this is possible in Habanero, but I`m using JBossAS 4.2.x and don`t know if Habanero is compatible with these release.

      4- Is there a way to store some data in cache in a transactional mode, and some in a no transactional mode?

      Thanks for your replies.

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          Jorge Morales Master

          Pushing it up, to help it get answered.

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            Manik Surtani Master

            1. No, this need not be transactional

            2. By making the cache loader async, you won't have the overhead of writing to disk with every call. But with 1.4.x there is no way to defer or batch the writing to disk. Perhaps you could write your own subclass of the cache loader you are interested in to do this.

            3. Again, this is something you could implement by making your custom cache loader implement a cache listener and be aware of cache startup/shutdown events, and know whether you are the coordinator. Regarding using Habanero in AS 4.2.x, I know some people have tried it with varying degrees of success, classloader scoping is always the tricky bit though since it should not overlap with the Jalapeno/Cayenne jars that come with the AS.

            4. Yes. Just don't start a transaction for data that should not be stored transactionally!

            PS: Sorry for the late response on this.

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              Jorge Morales Master

              Thanks Manik for your response.
              I`ll go for a custom classloaders that only listen for startup/stop events. Hope I get it right.

              I`ll let you all know.