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    Migrating to 2.0.0 using PropertyConfigurator

    Carl Shelbourne Newbie


      We have an 1.x installation of JBoss cache and are looking to move to the 2.0.0 branch.

      We configure the cache using a well know remote location, i.e. we serve out the config.xml file from a webserver. All chache clients know the location of the server and configure themselves using the xml file returned via a http request:

      public CacheManager( final InputStream is, final String clusterName ) throws Exception {
      PropertyConfigurator configurator = new PropertyConfigurator();
      TreeCache cache = new TreeCache();
      configurator.configure( cache, xmlConfigUrl );
      configurator.configure( cache, is );
      cache.setFetchInMemoryState( true );
      if ( clusterName != null )
       cache.setClusterName( clusterName );

      How do we do this in 2.0.0. The createCache calls provided by the factory only only seem to take string references or a bool to start it.

      I would be very grateful of a pointer in the right direction.