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    JbossCache 2.0 with JGroups 2.6.1 problem

    Massimo Da Ros Newbie


      I've an application that needs to use JGroups and JBossCache

      I use JGroups 2.6.1 and JBossCache 2.0.0

      I configured JGroup's protocol stack to use a single channel and I configured two multiplexed channels, one for JBossCache, and the other for JGroups

      Regarding the multiplexed channel used by JGroups, I try to use a NotificationBus (as MembershipListener implementation) in order to detect new members when they joins the group, detect members when they leaves the groups and so on.
      I've configured an object of my app to be the Consumer of this NotificationBus.

      I'm unable to detect membership events (join, left and so on) with this NotificationBus, but when a member join or left the group I can see the execution of the viewAccepted method of the JBossCache implementation.

      Is it possible that the JBossCache implementation consumes the membership events on the channel and so, I'm unable to intercept that kind of events with my NotificationBus?

      Many thanks.