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    Why won`t fix JBCACHE-622?

    Jorge Morales Master

      I'm having a similar problem in my app.
      I use getChildrenNames() to iterate over the tree to get my nodes, in order to print them, or do queries on them.
      When I set up a ClusteredCacheLoader, every call to getChildrenNames() remove the children from the cache. I have searched Jira, and found JBCACHE-622, which is similar to my problem, CacheLoaderInterceptor.loadChildren(Fqn fqn, DataNode n) returning null, and making the cache remove the nodes. I wonder why this is marked as won`t fix?

      I have seen printDetails in TreeCache, to see how you iterate over the nodes, but I see that you`re using Node, and is commented with:

      Does not load any previously evicted nodes from a cache loader, so evicted nodes will not be included.

      Also in the forums it states that direct access to Node`s api is not the correct way for clients, but using TreeCache`s api.
      How can I solve this?