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    Eviction/passivation is called when server shutdown ?

    Damien Newbie

      Hi all,

      I see someone on forum which have success on having evicting action called when his server have shutdown, and with passivation=true, the datas goes into cacheloader and be stored into database.

      I've try it (passivation = true), and never , the datas goes into my database.

      So this is my question : does JBossCache handle the fact that when a Jboss AS is shutdown manualy, and when passivation flag is set to true (with a cacheloader configured), the datas goes from memory to the physical cache ?

      If it does, what should I do ?!
      If not, is the action of launching manualy evicting action when the cache is stop, with the help of a TreecacheListener is a good action ??