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    Single transaction multiple updates to cache node

    Vincent Lim Newbie

      Hi. I am testing a simple system which listen to updates to the cache.

      The updates are trigger upon transaction-commit.

      The code structure is something like below.

      start() {






      editCache() {

      //Create an empty map and put in the treecache
      cache.put(fqn, new Map());

      Node node = cache.get(fqn);
      Map map = node.getData();

      map.put(a, A);
      map.put(b, B);
      map.put(c, C);


      The TreeCacheListener will report NodeModify 3 times, when the transaction is committed.

      Is there anyway in which I can monitor changes in the cache where it will only notify one time when a node is edited multiple times in a single transaction. I think currently for every changes made to the node, it will be reported upon replication. i.e. If I update the same node 20 times, upon transaction commit and replication, the listener will receive nodeModify event 20 times.