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    Using PojoCache and AOP inside an Eclipse RCP ! I can't get

    Andreas Kabus Newbie

      As a newbee to PojoCache AND AOP (did many things with TreeCache), I started to make use of PojoCache from an Eclipse-RichClient Apps or Plugin.

      First of all is it possible at all ?? I tried several things, but I failed.

      I created an Eclipse-Plugin, containing all .jar's which come with JBossCache-all-2.0.0.GA. I defined my plugin dependent to this new created "PojoCache" plugin. It compiled well, also the Pojo's which I annotaded with

      public class Address
      I used the example code PojoCache.Annotated50 from the example ..

      But then I stuck, when it comes to start my EclipsePojoCache plugin. I think because the Eclipse Class Loader and/or the -javaagent:D:\XXXX\workspace\EclipsePojoCache\javassist.jar definition.

      To put -javaagent to the VM classpath when starting up the plugin referenced classes could not be found. But I think its needed for code injection.

      Is there anyone out , who can help me ! seriously Andy