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    How to use fully-eplicated and buddy-replicated caches with

    Dmitriy Setrakyan Newbie


      I have a case where I need to fully replicate some data, but not all.

      I understand that I could configure 2 different caches, but that would imply that I need to configure 2 different JGroups channels which makes me a bit uneasy for following reasons:

      1. What if at some point 2 JGroups channels will have different topology for some reason (should not happen, but nevertheless it's possible).

      2. If I configure 2 caches, then I get double PING traffic which I would like to avoid.

      Is there any way 2 caches could reuse the same JGroups cluster?
      Can I achieve this with options override feature?
      Can I use options override on per-node level?

      Thanks in advance.
      Dmitriy Setrakyan
      GridGain Systems