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    JBOSS Cache doesn't update data in remote node of cluster

    Anurag Sharma Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am using the TomcatCluster cache to store a key value pair. I have 2 nodes in my cluster. I create the same key value pair in both nodes.
      Now, when I update the key value in node-1, I am expecting the other node-2 to see the updated value.

      Now I can see message going through to the other node in server.log However it creates a new node with root as _BUDDY_BACKUP_ and stores the updated value there. i.e. on node-2 the actual key value pair is untouched. On further updates to node-1, node-2 _BUDDY_BACKUP_ is updated however the key value pair on node-2 is never updated.

      I am obviously missing a basic concept here. How can we setup JBOSS cache so that node-1 and and node-2 both have exactly same cache states.

      Many thanks in advance for any help.