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    Cache Persistence granularity

    Deb Banerjee Newbie

      We are using jboss cache(version: jbosscache-core-2.1.0.CR2, tree cache) within a Java service. Our cache has very few nodes (around 3). Each of those nodes can have lots of data (>100K entries). We are using BDB-J for cache persistence, using the BDBJECacheLoader. Our data is non-transactional: we are caching Directory (LDAP server) data. So we are runinng with isolation level none.

      Reviewing the documentation, and looking at the test results the following seems to be true:

      When I update a map entry in a node then the entire map is written to disk. I had expected only that specific entry would be written out to disk. Clearly this will not satisfy our performance requirements since a map entry update would trigger a super-large disk write.

      Can this be confirmed? If so are there workarounds where only that single entry is updated in the above use case? Do I need to write a custom CacheLoader instance to get this to behave performantly?