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    Annotated50 example not running on Solaris?

    Garry Brother Newbie


      When running the JBC 2.0.0.GA 'annotated50' example on a Solaris
      2.8 system with JDK 1.5, I get the following output:

      [java] GMS: address is
      [java] GMS: address is

      and then the app just sits there. Running netstat shows two ports
      in idle state:

      localhost.48848 Idle
      localhost.48849 Idle

      Am I supposed to have started some other process before
      running the example? Is the example waiting for me to provide
      some kind of input? I simply typed 'ant run.loadtime.example'
      and expected it to run to completion, generating some kind of
      output. What am I missing?

      Thanks, Garry