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    TreeCache ClassCastException

    sachin mishra Newbie


      I am using TreeCache which is shared between 2 web applications and i have the following problems.

      1. if App2 tries to get the entries from the cache which was added by App1, I get the ClassCastException when i try to cast the object from the cache to a specific type.

      Error message of the form: cannot cast x.y.z to x.y.z

      I know this must be related to class loading as App1 and App2 have different class loaders, so how can i have a shared cache between these 2 apps.

      2. When a redoply App1 try to access the cache i get class cast exception aswell...

      Again this i think points to the class loading issue as the Original entries in the cache were put by the App1 with a different class loader.

      so is any there any solution which is efficient ?