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    Setting eviction policies dinamically

    David Sancho Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am trying to configure different eviction policies to different regions dinamically and I am facing some problems.

      This is what I want:

      Create an eviction policy in /NODE
      Create an evcition policy in /NODE/SUBNODE_1
      Create an eviction policy in /NODE/SUBNODE_2 and so on
      Even create an eviction policy in /NODE/SUBNODE_1/SUBNODE_A and so on

      I expected that I could create them dinamically as I am able to create them using the tree cache config file, but I have encountered some problems.

      First of all, if I try to create a new eviction for, let's say /NODE/SUBNODE_1, and /NODE already had one, it throws a
      RegionNameConflictException because at the time of creating the new Region (/NODE/SUBNODE_1) it checks for region conflicts. As I see in the source code, it will never allow to create a new Region under an existing one. Should work that way?

      Secondly, I tried to remove any parent region of a given one from the RegionManager to avoid conlflicts from first point, and then configure all eviction policies bottom-up. That is, following last example, first I set an evcition policy to /NODE/SUBNODE_1 and then to /NODE.

      In this case, it seems that everything is configured fine, but only the eviction policy configured for every subnode is working. As I see, there are no node entries in the eviction queue for the parent region, check it out yourself below:

      class org.jboss.cache.eviction.FIFOConfiguration
      LFUConfiguration: maxNodes = 2
      Nodes in eviction queue: 0
      class org.jboss.cache.eviction.FIFOConfiguration
      LFUConfiguration: maxNodes = 5
      Nodes in eviction queue: 2

      This is, mainly, how I set the eviction policies:

       public final void addEvictionPolicy(EvictionPolicy evictionPolicy,
       String fqn) {
       // Activate eviction Policies
       RegionManager regionMgr = getUnderlyingTreeCache().getEvictionRegionManager();
       // get EvictionConfiguration
       EvictionConfiguration config = getEvictionConfiguration(evictionPolicy);
       if (regionMgr.hasRegion(fqn)) {
       Region region = regionMgr.getRegion(fqn);
       logger.debug("Region[{}] configured with {}", fqn, somEvictionPolicy);
       } else {
       EvictionPolicy policy = getEvictionPolicy(evictionPolicy);
       try {
       regionMgr.createRegion(fqn, policy, config);
       } catch (RegionNameConflictException e) {
       logger.error("Region Name conflict", e);
       "Region[{}] does not exist in RegionManager. Created and configured with {}",
       fqn, evictionPolicy);

      Hope someone have any idea of how to set dinamically an eviction policy over a region that already its own parent region has one set. By the way, I am using JbossCache 1.4.1.SP8 and JbossAS-4.2.2

      I think this is a normal case that it could come up in a real application, so I think that someone who already had at any time encountered this requirement could help me.

      Thanks in advance!