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    Repplication queue regression in 2.1.1.GA?

    Lars J. Nilsson Newbie


      I seem to have stumbled on a regression: The combination REPL_ASYNCH with a user transaction and UseReplQueue=true seems to fail in 2.1.1.GA (but not in eg. 2.1.0.GA) . State transfer seems to work, but there's no indication the replication queue is ever flushed, ie. updated values does not get replicated across multiple nodes (only locally).

      I haven't tested any combinations yet (but I suspect it is independed of REPL_SYNCH/ASYNC etc).

      I have a small test (in our usual format ;-), which I can patch up and convert to TestNG tomorrow. It: Starts 'cache1', and populates it with a string value, starts 'cache2', updates the string value in 'cache2', waits a while for the replication queue to be flushed, and checks the value in 'cache1'. Works with 2.1.0.GA and fails with 2.1.1.GA.

      Is this regression known/do you want the test?

      /Lars J. Nilsson