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    Integration with Hibernate. Some strange things. Need your h

    Peter Kovgan Newbie

      1. Cache works even without TM specified. just message in log "..no tm found..bla bla bla".

      Is it OK? I actually need asynch invalidation, so I need no transaction support.

      Only, that version, that comes with Hibernate itself works, last GA version gives "no class def found" , it looks for some ...TransactionLookup.class, that changed it's package to ".../cache/transactional" instead "../cache".

      Do you plan to synch with Hibernate? do they plan that?
      What about publishing latest integration news somewhere?

      invalidation is also a "REPLICATION", but 'shortest' one? Because I see messages in log "response for method replicate...,... replicating evict", although I do(intend) only evict.