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    Why concrete region fails override the default one?

    Peter Kovgan Newbie

      IN JBC 1.4 SP9:

      I have found,that with configuration below, more concrete region
      (15 nodes maximum) failed to override default one(5 nodes maximum).

      Is it ok, what is not OK?

       <attribute name="EvictionPolicyConfig">
       <attribute name="wakeUpIntervalSeconds">5</attribute>
       <!-- This defaults to 200000 if not specified -->
       <attribute name="eventQueueSize">100000</attribute>
       <!-- Name of the DEFAULT eviction policy class. -->
       <attribute name="policyClass">org.jboss.cache.eviction.LRUPolicy</attribute>
       <!-- Cache wide default -->
       <region name="/_default_">
       <attribute name="timeToLiveSeconds">0</attribute>
       <attribute name="maxNodes">5</attribute>
       <!-- override policy used for this region -->
       <region name="test.web.TestEntity" eventQueueSize="500000">
       <attribute name="timeToLiveSeconds">0</attribute>
       <attribute name="maxNodes">15</attribute>