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    added successfully to eviction queue! I afraid it may hurt m

    Peter Kovgan Newbie

      I have that message in log:
      TRACE (BaseEvictionAlgorithm.java:451) - Adding element /version/nodes for a node that doesn't exist yet. Process as an add...
      TRACE (BaseEvictionAlgorithm.java:331) - /version/nodes added successfully to eviction queue

      while this server A probably(not sure) received replication request from other server B in cluster to remove some node, that does not exist yet on this (A) server.

      I afraid, that node has been added to the eviction queue, but actually node is not yet exist.
      what happen if node will be created later, then what? - this queue, when executed later, will remove my node on base of some OLD! eviction command?

      Is it right?