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    cache preload in 2.1.1; does it work?

    craig bordelon Newbie

      hello all, (this is jbosscache 2.1.1GA)
      I have the /whatever set in my XML CacheLoaderConfiguration, yet the preloading through cacheloader is not happening at time of cache.start. I have to explicitly follow the cache.start with a call of getCacheLoaderManager().preload() using the CacheSPI object to get preloading to work.
      This is not satisfactory because the loading happens after my cacheStarted listener is invoked and the latter was designed to set a flag to distinguish preloads from later loads. (So i have to do further work-arounds with this flag setting.)

      When i look at the jboss 2.1.1GA code I was appalled to see the CacheImpl.internalStart performs the preloadCache when the cacheLoaderManager object is non-null, yet the latter private member is never set in the class including the injectDependencies -- latter seems to set all the other data members.

      So is anyone getting cache loader preloading to work in 2.1.x?
      For most part my XML cacheloader configuration is the same as what i had working in 1.4.1 release (note i skipped 2.0).