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    Problem using Non-JTA Transaction Manager

    Micah Lamdin Newbie

      We are seeking advice for sharing 2nd-level cache between cluster nodes using Tomcat, Spring, and Hibernate. If you have been successful doing this, we'd appreciate hearing from you.
      We'd also appreciate learning about dead-ends we might avoid.

      Our configuration:
      -- Tomcat 6.0.14
      -- Spring 2.0.4
      -- Hibernate 3.2.5
      -- Spring-supplied HibernateTransactionManager
      -- JBoss Cache 1.4.1.SP9 (JBC)

      Our experiences to date:
      -- pessimistic locking and replication sync work well, except under
      moderate load where we get ReplicationException's and missing
      updates to the database.
      -- async and invalidation_sync did not replicate our caches correctly

      Specific questions we have:

      Will it be possible to use JBC reliably using a non-JTA transaction manager such as HibernateTransactionManager?

      If a JTA transaction manager should be used, which one would you recommend?

      Thanks in advance for your help.