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    How eviction spreads in depth question?

    Peter Kovgan Newbie

      Please, help me!
      Consider node under a Fqn: /a/b/c

      Suppose I have eviction policy on /a/b, that means timeToLiveSeconds=20

      1)Does it affect also "c" node?
      2)if "c" lives untouched 21 sec, but "b" touched each 2 sec, then will "c" be evicted?
      3)if "b" touched each 40 sec, then will "c" be evicted together with "b", if "c"
      frequently(2 sec) touched?
      4)what is a "touch"? If I use not node interface, but cache interface, then can I "touch" "c", not touching "b"?

      Thanks!!! I'm a hard head I know...