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    jboss cache 1.4.1.GA + Eviction Policy problems

    André Gonçalves Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I'm using jboss cache 1.4.1.GA with jboss 4.0.5.GA.
      I'm trying to use an eviction policy.
      Here is part of my tree-service.xml file:

       <attribute name="EvictionPolicyClass">
       <attribute name="EvictionPolicyConfig">
       <attribute name="wakeUpIntervalSeconds">5</attribute>
       <region name="/_default_">
       <attribute name="maxNodes">5000</attribute>
       <attribute name="timeToLiveSeconds">5000000</attribute>
       <region name="/domainenumsubscriber"
       <attribute name="maxNodes">5697</attribute>
       <region name="/company"
       <attribute name="maxNodes">2</attribute>

      It seams that is a concept issue for me here.
      When I set timeToLiveSeconds=0, the cache is not filled, or its cleaned up to fast.
      The expected behaviour of this configuration, for me is:

      timeToLiveSeconds=0 --> the cache will 'never' be cleaned up.
      maxNodes=5 -> when the cache fqn "/company" have 2 objects and a third one is going to be put in the cache, the eviction policy is applied and one of the previous objects is removed.

      am I understanding the behavior of the eviction policy?
      or there is something that I'm missing?

      thanks for help.