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    Making a component to view my Own Map !!

    Mohammad Dashti Newbie

      Dear all,

      I am developing a website with jsf and richfaces, but now, I'm in a state that I need to show a detailed map of my city to the user. I looked around to find a component that make it work, but I couldn't find one!

      Is there anyway to show my own detailed map (except google map) in a jsf component and what is it?!?

      or, if there is not one, how can I make a component that gives an image as input map, and makes available zooming in and out on the map, and selecting a point.

      my second question is, how can I visualize addressing??! I mean that, how can I let user to make an area selection on the map and I write the address with the user's selection ?

      please help me! a component for viewing my own map that is an image ?!?!