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    node /__JBossInternal__/__RefMap__/___JBossInternal___User_1

    w j Newbie

      When i used code as the follow,i got
      WARN [org.jboss.cache.CacheImpl.JBossCache-Cluster] - node /__JBossInternal__/__RefMap__/___JBossInternal___User_151__ID__5c4o34-7432bj-fkailpco-1-fkait9qo-1ow not found

      User uInCache = cacheManager.getUser(uid);

      uInCache and uInCache.department all has put into the pojocache,All users and departments has put into the pojocache,and uInCache.department.users is a list that have some uInCaches store in it.

      how can i resolve this warn?
      thks for any help