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    Big HashMap stored to cache - problems with replication

    Jens Klingelhöfer Newbie


      I've got a problem with the replication of the cache. I put a big Map (about 4 MByte) to the cache. On the local cache everything works fine. But it doesn't get replicated to the cache on the other cluster member. I don'T get an error nor an exception. The map only has four key/value-pairs. But under every pair there is another Map and under this again another Map.

      My configuration is REPL_ASYNC and REPEATABLE_READ.

      Map<String, Map<AttributeName, AttributeProperty>> tempGroupCache;
      ...fill tempGroupCache from the database...
      this.tree.put(this.TREECACHE_NODENAME_GROUPCACHE, tempGroupCache);

      Is there a problem with the replication of big maps?

      Greets, Jens